Cancellation Cover

What does Cancellation Cover Package mean?
The Cancellation Cover Package offers a full refund of your original ticket, when cancelled prior to 14 days of the event and a refund of 50% prior to 7 days of the event. The date of the postmark applies. The cost of the Cancellation Cover Package is 7,5% of the original ticket price rounded up to the next € 0,50.

How can i purchase the Cancellation Cover Package?
Cancellation Cover Package can only be added to the tickets that are in the shopping cart at the time of the purchase. It is not possible to buy the Cancellation Cover Package after the purchase of the tickets, neither for individual ones. By choosing the Cancellation Cover Package option, the corresponding amount will be added to the price.

How does cancellation work?
Refunds as part of the Cancellation Cover Package are possible only, if the
following conditions are met:
1. Compliance with the deadline and former requirements
2. Cancellation prior to 14 days to the event: 100% Reimbursement of the ticket price
3. Cancellation prior to 7 days to the event: 50% Reimbursement of the ticket price

The cancellation request must be sent registered letter to the following address:

Vienna Classic Online Ticket Office KG
Operngasse 6 / 1C
1010 Vienna, Austria

The customer must fill out the Cancellation Cover form (Link) provided by Vienna Classic.
In case of postal delivery and office pick-up, the tickets, that wish to be cancelled, must be attached to the form. The date of the postmark applies, however the day of the event is not included. In case of an incomplete form, Vienna Classic will not be able to proceed with the request for a reimbursement.

How does a refund work and how long does it take?
After receiving your completely filled out cancellation request on time, you will receive a refund within 14 days, using the same payment method that you originally used.

Important note:
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