Vienna Hofburg Orchestra - New Years Eve Concert - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Vienna Hofburg Orchestra - New Years Eve Concert




01.01.2021 , Friday


Gartenpalais Liechtenstein, Fürstengasse 1, 1090 Vienna

The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra presents classical concerts by Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart featuring international vocal solo artists in Viennas most beautiful concert halls.

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Enjoy an unforgettable Viennese evening with the most beautiful and popular compositions by the King of Waltz Johann Strauss Sohn as well as arias from W.A. Mozart's operas.

Vienna is rightly called the world city of music. The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra plays concerts in Vienna with the most beautiful and popular compositions by the king of the waltzes, Johann Strauss and arias and duets from W.A. Mozart's operas.

Founded in 1971 by musician and conductor Gert Hofbauer, the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra organizes concerts with large orchestras, international singing soloists and a classical ballet couple in the magnificent halls of the Vienna Hofburg from May to October.

The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra takes you back in time to Imperial Vienna.

Johann Strauss: "Die Fledermaus" - overture
W. A. Mozart: "Now forget quietly supplication" - ("Figaro's wedding")
Josef Strauss: "Without worries" - polka
Emmerich Kalman: "Heia, heia in the mountains" ("Die Csardasfürstin")
Johann Strauss: "Roses from the South" - Waltz
Johann Strauss: "Im Krapfenwaldl" - polka
Johann Strauss: "Eljen à Magyar" - polka
Johann Strauss: "Wiener Blut" - duet
Johann Strauss: "Pleasure Train" - Polka
Franz Léhàr: "Yours is my whole heart" ("Land of Smiles")
W. A. Mozart: "A Girl or a Female" - Duet ("Magic Flute")
W. A. ​​Mozart: "Papageno - Papagena" - duet ("Magic Flute")
Josef Strauss: "Fireproof" - Polka française
Johann Strauss: "Little Brother - Little Sister" ("Bat")
Johann Strauss: "On the beautiful blue Danube" - waltz

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