Spanish Riding School - Morning Exercise - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Spanish Riding School - Morning Exercise

The daily training for high school

The morning work gives you an insight into the training work of the trainers with their Lipizzaners. You can see the training of the often still gray young stallions, as well as the already trained school stallions - our "white stars" - in the wonderful ambience of the baroque winter riding school, accompanied by classical Viennese music.

The morning gymnastics of the horses includes relaxation exercises that
Refinement and perfecting of lessons and the targeted strengthening of
Muscles. The famous school leaps shown during the screenings
are not trained daily to protect the animals and can only be seen sometimes during morning work.

The schedule of morning work is such that a horse change takes place every thirty minutes
takes place. In the two hours of public training, the spectators experience four stallion groups in different training levels up to lessons from the high school.

Subject to changes.
We 10:00
Spanish Riding School - Morning Exercise

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