Antonia und der Reißteufel - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Antonia und der Reißteufel

Opera from Christian Kolonovits

Duration: 2 hours , Intermissions: 1

Conductor: Christian Kolonovits
Antonia: Johanna Arrouas
Reißteufel: Marco Di Sapia
Jonathan: Daniel Feik
Roby, bat: Thomas Markus
Toby, bat: Martina Dorak

Since the Little Devil's heart has been possessed by the ugly time-eater, he has had to draw his energy from the stolen voices of children. But Antonia does not want to sing for him! And when his great aunt, the "Urstrumpftante", returns to knit the all-knowing Great Sock, the Little Devil's life is thrown seriously into disarray ....

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